Cabal Easy money for beginners

As we all know, and which is a fact in all MMORPG’s, most beginners have it hard to get money. Until a player understands CABAL properly, enough to play siriusly, a player can earn and use it’s money for usefull things. Ofcours this will not be a problem as you level-up and do things which have great rewards, like Quests.
So, because this guide is ment for beginners does not mean that advanced players can’t help here. They can always post extra info which they think is usefull for the readers.

Now, let’s get started.

Lv 1 to Lv 4
If you have just arrived at Desert Scream (the beginning area for new players) the best thing to do is to kill Garlies and/or Giant Beetles. Just make sure to kill the right ones, and not the ones which are much stronger then you – the red colored demons. Garlie’s and Giant Beetles are found behind the south-eastern gate where the two guards, Deeplers and Cito, are guarding. Garlie’s and Giant Beetles are easy to kill at your level. As you kill them, they drop Alz and items. Later on you will have alot of Alz in your inventory, and you can sell your items for more or wear them.
Now continue this until you reach Lv 4.
Note: If you get a icon showing that you can start a new quest, do it so you can get more information about the gameplay and get a reward for completing it.

Lv 4 to Lv 6
You are now able to kill stronger demons, but I advise you to continue with Garlie’s and Giant Beetles. However, the demons that were first yellow are now weaker against you then they were before. Now you can start killing them for more EXP and alternatively more Alz and better items, which are expensiver.
Do this until you reach Lv 6.
Note: As you have leveld-up, you will get points to increase your characters STR, INT and DEX. Go speak with your Instructor Gette to learn better skills, which will speed-up the progress of getting EXP and killing demons.
However, learning skills costs Alz, and how better the skills to learn how more they cost.

Lv 6 to Lv 8
As you have bin completing Quests, you might have done the The Warp Gate, which let’s you enter Green Despair. I advise you to go kill Mantisses located behind the guard Sean. They have more HP and drop more Alz then Garlie’s and Giant Beetles.
Now continue doing this until Lv 8.
Note: When completed the quest, The Colony of Snow and Ice, you can enter Bloody Ice. I suggest going there for the next guide.

Lv 8 to Lv 10
You have become more stronger and probebly have learned better skills from you instructor. You also have alot of Alz and can buy new itemary without worrieng to loose too much.
Also, you understand the game properly and are ready for more adventures available.
Now, I suggest to enter Bloody Ice and kill Scorlugs, or continue in Green Despair killing Troglo Fighters. Both give alot of Alz and are a good match for your character.
Continue killing them until you reach Lv 10.

Yay! You have completed the guide and are now ready to play on your own thought way. You have learned a strong part of CABAL, and you’ve gotten lot of Alz to advance your character properly.

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