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Seoul, Korea – February 18th, 2010 – Zemi Interactive’s Free to play MMORPG 4Story’s ( Rock-Paper-Scissors Machine is whole loads of fun and popular amongst the players. The game works like this. First, a player must buy the item called crystals from an NPC. They are divided into low, medium, and high levels. The level meaning for the crystals itself and the Rock Paper Scissors machine is not the player levels. The crystals are somewhat like tokens for the Rock Paper Scissors machine. There are 3 different machines (low, medium, and high level machines) and the higher the level of the machine the harder and more rewarding the gift will be if a player wins. The machines are all around the major cities and starting villages.

This allows for the players to interact within each other within the starting zones and major cities making the community more live. Also gives them something to do when they are tired out from killing monsters, leveling up, or PvP-ing with other players. This is a great way to meet other players, a great way to kill time, and great way to get great rewards. All gamers are being invited and Zemi is waiting all to come and join the fun in the continent of Iveria, in the fantasy world of 4STORY.

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Woo, three breasts three times fun! Oops, sorry, this news is about the interesting “Lucky 3s Event” in Dragon’s Call, while this photo was submitted by a player for this event. This enticing event aroused many players’ creativity. It was held before the Dragon’s Call Server 3 was launched and surely had brought luck to this new server. The daily new registration once reached over 10k during the first week after launch.

“We didn’t expect that the players were so excited and rushed in, so our Server 4’s launch was pretty like an emergency.” said Torrez, the Chief Marketing Officer, “But it is definitely more stable than Server 3 still. And the Server 5 is a branch server that we’d like to use to split out the Asian players, so that both players in NA and SEA have their own regional server to play.”

Before I keep my mouth shut and let you enjoy those funny photos in the “Lucky 3s Event”, one more leaked out info from the official that might interest you – server 1 and server 2 might possibly be going to merge soon. So for those players and guilds on the two servers, get ready for a larger battle on Stilland!

Other Recent Events:

DC Shows the Love

Flip Tarot Card to Get Magic Scroll (Facebook Event)

Last Hit on Dragon’s Call to win Free Magic Scrolls

CARY, N.C.—February 15, 2011—Fallen Earth (MMO) developers today announced their latest interactive challenge and giveaway—the Fallen Earth Epic Gear Giveaway. Partnering with Dell’s premiere gaming brand, Alienware, and Nuclear Blast Records, the world’s largest independent heavy-metal record label, developers are putting fans and users to the test for a chance to win awesome prizes such as an Apple iPad, LTD guitar and more!

The Fallen Earth Epic Gear Giveaway is a 16-question, multiple-choice “battle test” relating to Fallen Earth, Alienware and Nuclear Blast Records. Starting today, participants who answer all 16 questions correctly by March 16 will be automatically entered to win a slew of prizes:

One Grand Prize Winner Will Receive:

    Apple iPad
    Alienware TactX Headphones
    Alienware Sling Bag
    Nuclear Blast Prize Pack including an LTD guitar and more…
    Fallen Earth Gaming Mousepad
    Fallen Earth Decal Set
    Fallen Earth in-game Item

20 Additional Winners Will Receive:

    Alienware Arena Drawstring Backpack
    Alienware Drink Koozies
    Fallen Earth Gaming Mousepad
    Fallen Earth Decal Set
    Fallen Earth in-game Item

To enter, players may visit All questions must be answered correctly and only one entry is accepted per valid email address.

For the full rules and regulations, visit:

Valentine’s Day is here, but perhaps your loved one isn’t nearby. If you’re in the middle of a long distance romance, it may be a good time to check out a free-to-play MMO and take part in one of the special Valentine’s Day events to show your special someone just how much you care about them! It would be a fun and romantic way to show your love!

Players in Conquer Online have their own ways to celebrate their love!

Players can walk hand in hand as they roam through the mysterious continent together, or hold their loved one in their arms while giving a romantic, loving kiss! Boys can send beautiful flowers to their beloved girls. If they feel the emotion is true, they can even get married in-game!

For those who are still seeking their special someone, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a shot in the game! Maybe your true love is right there, just waiting for you. Who knows? True love conquers all!


In something as simple as an online game, two strangers can come together and fall in love, get married and have their own beautiful baby! And this isn’t just some fairy tale! This is a true story that’s happening everyday, in Conquer Online. Different places and different languages can’t stop love from blossoming, and there are many more lovely couples that have grown from the game into reality. If a game can bring them together, you might as well give it a try, too!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Seoul, Korea – February 11th, 2010 – Zemi Interactive’s 4Story Team ( has been running events after events, always trying to come up with new ideas for fun activities for the players to experience in-game.

What is most intriguing and unique about 4Story Events are that most of the time it is run by GMs, and players can see and interact with the GMs in game, making the community more lively and user friendly. There has been many different variety of events has been running throughout 4Story. Events like, racing events, quiz and trivia events, PvP 1 vs 1, 3 vs 3, or even 7 vs 7. However, the most exciting events can be the events where GMs actually participates in the event themselves, for instance there was an event called “GM Killer” Event, giving the players a chance to kill the GM to get rewards or “Hit the GM” giving gifts to players who has the highest damage point hitting the GMs. Events like “Who is the Spy?” event also had gotten lots of interests from players, making the players finding the GM in the opposing faction’s City, and lots more!

Aside from the Events that is run by the GMs and daily and weekly events, the 4Story Team also accepts player ideas for events as well. In the 4Story forums there is a section for players to send in their own ideas for events giving Zemi Inc. fresh new ideas and at the same time giving the players satisfactory experience within the game.

Currently the events within the game just got better, ever since the Broa update, the final 3rd faction that everyone has been waiting for. Since Broa kingdom is neutral grounds, both players from the opposing factions Defugel and Craxion can participate in the events together. The best part about the events are everyone has a chance to win something, and It’s level friendly, so even the low level players and new players have a chance to win. Also, since GMs are personally attending to the events new players have a higher chance to know what is going on in-game, getting tips and helps from the GMs on how the events are held and how it is proceeded.

So with 4Story’s endless events with endless rewards the game itself makes it more interesting for players letting them having something to do rather than the contents that is already implemented in the game. Also very user friendly giving all level players a chance to win, not to mention further improving the in-game community allowing players to interact with the GMs and of different factions within Broa. With many different types of events being held and giving players rewards for doing them has

heighten the 4Story community.

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Mountain View, CA – February 10, 2011 – Raptr, the social platform for gamers that tracks your gaming stats and connects you to your friends, is proud to announce that it has reached two significant milestones. First, the company has attracted more than six million registered users to its service and is currently adding over 750,000 new users a month. Second, the company has successfully closed a Series B round of funding, which was led by DAG Ventures and also included new investor Tenaya Capital and existing investor Accel Partners.

“We’re excited to be backed by DAG Ventures, Tenaya Capital, and Accel Partners as we continue to grow Raptr into the preeminent gaming community worldwide,” said Dennis Fong, CEO of Raptr. “Along with the user growth of our application, we’re also now reaching over five and half million unique visitors a month on our website, and have expanded our presence into the mobile arena.”

To date, Raptr has raised a total of $27 million. The new round of funding will be used to rapidly expand Raptr’s offerings with new features that build on its gaming community. Raptr is the fastest growing social networking platform for gamers, and millions of gamers use Raptr to track their games and achievements for PC, Xbox, and PS3; chat and browse the web in-game; and see what their friends are playing via iPhone. Raptr’s service has won several awards including PC Gamers’ pick for Top 10 PC Apps and the AlwaysOn’s OnHollywood 100 award in the Consumer Services Category.

The unique gameplay data Raptr captures enables its partners to have deep insights into the latest gaming trends. Raptr’s media partners, including GameSpot, GamePro, and 1UP, use this data to showcase the hottest games based on what people are actually playing.

For detailed Raptr stats, check out the infographic here

Seoul, Korea – (February 07, 2011) — AIKA GLOBAL goes to North America! More is definitely merrier this month as T3fun proudly announces the AIKA GLOBAL IP ban lifting of the North American region. On February 17, 2011, IP banning will be closed down to allow the North American gamers to finally play and experience AIKA GLOBAL.
Howdy, NA players!
Get ready to roll out the red carpet as AIKA GLOBAL welcomes the new addition to the family; the North American players! This February 17, AIKA GLOBAL community is expected to roar up high as North American gamers march in to experience the award-winning AIKA GLOBAL. This major modification will also bring forth AIKA GLOBAL at its best. This expansion is still in line with the outpouring public demand to open the AIKA GLOBAL server to North American market which is banned from playing AIKA GLOBAL since the game’s global launching last August 2010. AIKA GLOBAL, a game directly handled by its developers pride itself with its smooth and hassle-free game play, world-class service and dynamic community composed of players all over the globe. In the next few days, top AIKA GLOBAL gamers should watch out for the new American gamers who will break in to put them the game field on a feral challenge!
Fresh from its major Level Cap 70 update, this major change is only one of the finest ground-breaking developments of AIKA GLOBAL for this year. Expect more as the game steps forwards and intensifies the global services and game-play like never before.
February in-game events
Also for this month, get ready to rumble with the unstoppable wave of love as AIKA GLOBAL celebrates Chinese New Year and Valentine’s day with its three major in-game events; “Explore Termes”, “Make War not Love, Make Love not War” and “Show me Love, Master!”. Jazz up your February as exclusive bundle of prizes wait to the lucky winners.
It’s definitely a festive February in AIKA GLOBAL! Meet and greet the new NA players and enjoy all the fabulous events this month. Want to know more? Check out!
AIKA GLOBAL, is a free to play fantasy massive multiplayer online role playing game specifically optimized for massive nation warfare of 1000 players going against 1000 other players, offers an amazing piece of delight that is a first in the online scene. The game has received numerous awards and recognitions by the 2009 Korean Game Awards for the Best of Show: Prime Minister Award, Player’s Choice: Best Online Game, and Best Game Design and Scenario. Gamers have given it positive reviews as it has competed with popular games titles like World of Warcraft (WOW) and Aion in Korea. AIKA GLOBAL is directly handled by its developers so there won’t be any trouble when it comes to servicing the game and the usual setbacks experienced by other publishers are minimized. Players can then expect awesome and hassle-free game play.
Download the game today at or visit T3fun’s portal at
*AIKA Global’s service is available to countries around the world with the exception of The United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Russia

CARY, N.C.—February 4, 2011—Developers of the post-apocalyptic massively multiplayer online game (MMO), Fallen Earth, today released their latest State of the Game address. In the address, Senior Game Designer Marie Croall announces new content slated for PTS this month, upcoming in-game events as well as plans with the team’s favorite heavy-metal record label:

“So the groundhog saw no shadow—looks like we’re headed for spring and Alpha County. But first we’ve got a few more patches to get out to you guys, starting with the Scavenger Boss patch.

We are planning for the skill and mutation changes, Scavenger Boss content area, global chat options and the first round of drop-rate changes to hit the PTS around the middle of this month…”

The full letter can be found here on the Fallen Earth forums.

 LOS ANGELES, Calif. – January 21, 2010 – SNAIL GAMES USA announced today that the first expansion to its groundbreaking MMO RTS Ministry of War will launch January 22, 2011 on new server Rage. The Arcadian Ladder will add a host of new features to the world’s #1 browser game, further pushing the technical boundaries of what is possible in a browser game.

The Arcadian Ladder expansion is named after is a massive 50-level battle instance which challenges Heroes to battle against progressively difficult Bosses which drop ever-more epic loot. 

Also debuting in The Arcadian Ladder will be:

  • A full-scale Auction House for players to buy, sell, and trade weapons, equipment, skills, and treasure.
  • The Levers of Fortune, a slot machine which drops resources, building and research boost items, plus a chance to win rare Heroes.
  • A new streamlined user interface (UI) to give Ministry of War players a larger viewing field and easier navigation around the enormous game world.
Ministry of War is the deepest and richest browser game in the world and The Arcadian Ladder will provide our players with even more great
content,” says Snail Games USA PR Manager Mark Hill. “Since the MoW‘s launch in November, we’ve been very proud of the game’s performance, and we are excited to see the community’s reaction to all of the new features.”

Ministry of War is a historical-based MMO which represents a quantum leap forward in browser-game design and technology.  Players choose one of the world’s greatest Civilizations (Imperial Rome, Persia, Egypt, or China) and then build, battle, and trade their way to world domination. The Arcadian Ladder expansion will launch first with a new server,Rage and legacy servers will be updated with the expansion in early February.

More new features of The Arcadian Ladder expansion include:

  • Lightning Guard – A ferocious new World NPC who drops epic gear.
  • Gear Forging – Gear can now be forged up to 10 levels, increasing the overall attributes of equipment at every level.
  • Hero Monument – A new building category which allows players to train special Tier 5 troops in every Age.
  • Spectator View for Contested Zone Wars – Players can now observe other players’ Contested Zone (CZ) War battles in real-time.
  • 40 New Shop Items – Among many others, Flash research and construction cards will allow for instant completion of queues. Aegis Camouflage provides protection for Heroes on the World Map. Carryall increases the storage capacity of players’ inventories.
  • Online Time Rewards – Dedicated players will receive free resource bonuses for spending time online every day.
  • Experience Capsules – Items equipped to Heroes which fill up with Exp gained in battle. Once full, they can be transferred to another Hero for an instant Exp boost.