I tried, I really did.

My WarHammer subscription expired on June 22. When it expired I attempted to go back to old reliable WOW. As I entered Azeroth ready to lay down some unholy whoop arse on npc’s and mobs I realized one thing. I am bored. Legions lay dead at my feet, yet I was bored. I felt like Alexander the great, as he looked at the battlefield and wept. He wept for there were no more lands to conquer, no more battles to be fought. I miss the excitement that WAR provides. On paper WAR is essentially the same process over and over again. Capture Battlefield objectives (BO’s) and capture Keeps, then defend those holdings. The formula is simple, rinse, repeat, done.

The secret ingredient to the formula is people. People that fight with you and against you. Your adversary is not some mindless automaton; it’s a living breathing human being. They provide a challenge, excitement and essentially fun. My server has been pretty active in the evenings; I usually end up fighting along the same people night after night. This interaction builds a sense of camaraderie that helps define a game.

WOW is still a great game, the numbers speak for themselves. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from PVE and try something a little different, more exciting. Changing games is a good way to avoid burnout. It is a game after all, and intended for fun. WOW is currently testing patch 3.2 which will bring many changes to the game. Many class balances, nerfs and quality of life fixes (Patch notes ). I will go back to the game when the patch goes live. Until then I will be participating in some WAAAGGGHHHHHH!!!

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