Shaiya Fighter Skill Guide

This is my first guide so be as brutal as you like. I love hearing other people opinion’s especially when they are completely contrary to mine, it allows me to reexamine things from a different perspective.

That said, this guide is meant for nm and hm fighters used mainly to level and farm. I won’t focus on PvP, but some of my opinions can translate over to them. The goal is to both describe and give opinions on each skill and hopefully help some newbies figure out what they are doing.

One more thing, the weapon discussion. There are numerous forums on this a few of which discuss this and I’ll add my two cents here. You get enough skill points to invest in two types of weapons and it’s easy to switch by placing your secondary weapon in the skill bar, you can also switch from skill bar 1 to 2 or 3 etc by using shift + #. Duals are awesome and should be one of them since most agreee they do highest dps. I’ll let you decide on spears vs two-handed swords based on the skills comments below.

Nice Solo AoE Guide

The list is organized by skill category in red, skill in blue, and description/comments in black.

Passive Skills(graphics in next version)

Muscle Training
Increases your attack power by a decent amount for the skill point cost. I max this, since a fighters job is to kill.

Weapon Power Ups
Choose your two and max them. They add good attack bonuses for the skill point cost and you should have enough skill points to max 2.

Relax Body
The skill point cost on this is so low that maxing it is easy to do, but if you find you’re short a point or two you can sacrifice a level. You need at least level one or else you will have to pot when there is no bless.

Backpack Upgrade
I get at least lvl2, level 3 has a pretty steep cost so up to you. I always need more space. Note: this is mainly for PvE toons, if you PvP a lot, pay attention to what is in your backpack or you may end up donating it to the darkie that killed you.

Waste of skill points. I actually did level 1 and you get jibberish. Only useful when maxed which only happens at lvl 51.

Weapon Mastery’s
Increases attack speed by 1 with each level of the skill. You should have enough skill points to max for both weapons which increase your damage per second(dps).

Basic Skills

A fun skill to try, but unless you are into PvP you only really need lvl1. I tried using this in PvE on my nm and found it to be useful for getting first hits in a crowded area, but other than that it just didn’t seem worth it because of the long recharge time. In PvP the higher levels give you more range which is important for closing in on those archers and mages. So if you want to do PvP this is useful, but I leave it up to you to decide how much. Kikix makes some good comments regarding this skill, be sure to read them and decide for yourself.

The first of three constantly used buffs. Increases attack success rate, helps you kill faster, I suggest you max it. All types of fighters need this.

The second buff. Increases crit rate, helps you kill faster, I suggest you max it. All types of fighters need this. Sound familiar? You’ll hear it one more time.

Double Damage
A very useful skill that adds a bonus to your attack at low sp cost. Max this, you’ll use this on every mob.

Heavy Swat
If you have a moderate to high str stat build than this skill is useless, you will be killing faster than the swat can do any significant damage. If you decide to do a rec build, which I’ve never done, than you may want to consider this skill, but I still wouldn’t recommend it.

Speedy Attack(HM skill)
Increases your attack speed by two levels, but it has a 10 min recharge time making it only useful for bosses and limited PvP use. It’s up to you.


Rising Crash
Lowers mob’s defense, this should be your first attack on solo mobs every time. You will use it all day long, I suggest you max this. PvP can be pretty fast paced so I’m not sure how many PvP fighters use this since other attacks deal more damage, I welcome feedback on this one.

Ground Shock
Deals damage and decreases mobs attacking speed two levels. If you are attacking multiple mobs at once this is a good first attack. This is the first AoE, Area of Effect, attack in this guide. If you are HM, at higher levels you will have multiple AoE attacks making it possible to round up a large number of mobs and kill them all at the same time. If you are NM you don’t get enough AoE attacks to do this effectively so wait for HM and focus on killing one at a time as much as possible. That said, this skill is useful in the event you aggro more than 1 mob, but it only works with 1h, 2h sword or spear. Pay attention to what skills need what weapons as this may affect your weapon chioce.

Wind Spin
AoE attack that damages for 2x regular damage. Great for AoE and PvP. Must have 2h or duals to use. Any style fighter will use this a lot. Kikix makes a good point that the difference between level 2 and 3 is an increase in range at a significant sp cost. I like having the extra range because some mobs have special skills with a small range and makes it difficult to keep them tightly bunched. I suggest you get level 2, see if you are able to keep all your mobs bunched up, and if so then skip level 3. If you are having trouble keeping your mobs bunched and you have the points to spare, the get level 3.

Enhance Wind Spin(HM skill)
Same as Wind Spin but with additional damage bonus at lvl2 and 3, but with a much steeper SP cost. If you are trying to be an AoE fighter than get this, or if you don’t mind adding SP with lapis, I suggest dual craft level 4 if you can afford it.

Deadly Strike
I love this skill. It is probably the best skill we have. It is a great one hit damage dealer especially useful in grinding solo mobs and also in PvP. I suggest you max this. The only downside to this skill is you can’t use it with 2 handed swords.

Dual Weapon Storm and Wild Dance and Wild Rage(HM Skill)
Very similar skills for dual or 2h weapons or 1h/spears that deals damage plus bonus with high sp cost vs the damage. This is more of a finishing skill if your other attacks haven’t recharged yet or, as Kikix noted, to increase your dps while killing bosses for drops. Choose one and max it, add more if you have the skill points.

Pollution Zone(HM Skill)
An AoE attack that deals damage over time. Needs 1h or spears. Use early if you are an AoE fighter with spears to get the full DoT. Personally I am not a big fan of DoT with respect to fighters, but this is the only AoE specific to spears so it is easy to decide your 2nd weapon based on whether you like this AoE or Wild Wild Dance…

Wild Wild Dance(HM Skill)
AoE that deals damage and lowers defense. Needs 2h sword. Use early if you are an AoE fighter with 2h sword to increase the damage of later hits.


The third buff, which is a party buff that increases attack, helps you kill faster, I suggest you max it. All types of fighters need this.

Eagle Eye
Avoids shooting attacks for a short time period. Mainly a PvP skill so you can skip this if you aren’t into PvP, but remember that if you want to farm at higher levels, lapis drop in borderlands and this can come in handy if you run into a high lvl luck hunter.

Potential Power
Raises attack when your HP gets low. If you are like me and you live dangerously and love to get in that last kill without potting then this skill a must. I max this.

Beserk Fighter(HM Skill)
I never tried this skill, but with a 5 minute recharge I don’t think it’s worth the skill points. I think it would only be useful as a last resort for PvP and on bosses. I would love to hear from those who have used this skill.

Dragon Slayer(HM Skill)
Really only useful at lvl3 as for lower lvl bosses you can deadly strike for more than damage than this skill. So if you plan on killing the lvl50+ bosses than get this or use a skill reset stone to get it later.

Demon Hushing(HM Skill)
Deals attack plus bonus from 5m. I don’t use this a whole lot. The 5m range is pretty short to be useful, unless you are in PvP. I have mixed feelings about this one, see Kikix’s post for further insight.

Eraser(HM Skill)
20 minute recharge time and you die. Not sure where this would be useful in PvE. Thoughts?

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