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Utrecht, the Netherlands – July 13, 2012 – Iron Grip: Marauders appears on Amazon’s recently launched Direct to Account Program. Amazon users can buy Gems for ISOTX’s innovative browser game of strategy, turn-based battles and eye-catching 3D graphics through their Amazon accounts – and if they’re starting a new Marauders account through Amazon before September 29 2012, they’ll get an exclusive Amazon Welcome Pack into the bargain!

Everyone with an Amazon account will be able to easily and securely purchase Gems in Marauders using their Amazon pay credentials and keep track of their purchases through their Amazon.com Games and Software Library.

“We’re thrilled to be part of Amazon’s Direct to Account Program,” said Vincent van Geel, Chief Development Officer at ISOTX, “It offers a great chance to reach the huge audience offered by Amazon’s digital video games storefront.”

“Amazon.com is excited to partner with ISOTX to make it easier than ever for our customers to find, start playing, and purchase virtual items for the popular strategy game Iron Grip: Marauders. Starting today customers can use their Amazon.com accounts to buy items and currency that will make this free to play game even more fun and exciting.” — Mike Frazzini, director of Digital downloads.

ISOTX is focused on building a global community of Iron Grip enthusiasts. Since 2005, the ISOTX team has been constantly evolving the Iron Grip Universe concept. The 2011 release of Iron Grip: Marauders gave players an opportunity to experience the Iron Grip Universe to a greater extent than previously possible.

About Amazon
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Utrecht, the Netherlands – May 8, 2012 – Another update to Iron Grip: Marauders has been released, and it includes new missions of all kinds! Bold players can now choose to take on smuggling missions in Atelia, or maybe offer their services to the beautiful and mysterious Lady Heresh. Captain Kolo couldn’t stay behind, and has a bunch of unpredictable new missions for everyone too! On top of all this there’s a new level to reach, new units including the Fury Wrecker, and a whole load of other improvements large and small.

Lady Heresh and More Kolo!
Five new quests are on offer from Lady Heresh, and once you complete them she will join you. Like Murtas, Lady Heresh is a support hero, except her talent lies with fast repairs rather than patching up squishy humans (or animals). Her area-effect repairs will keep any mechanized army running for longer. This update also sees fresh Kolo content, with a number of intriguing new quests – try to guide Bomb Trucks through enemies to destroy buildings without getting them all blown up first, hunt an enormous Ironclad Walker, or destroy a tavern and risk the fury of a lot of angry patrons!

Iron Grip: Marauders
Iron Grip: Marauders is the first online tactical war game to deliver spectacular 3D graphics directly in your browser. Thanks to Unity software, the game is able to offer advanced strategic planning before switching to turn-based tactical battles in full 3D.

With more than 250,000 players from around the world, IGM offers three different regions with a huge range of maps to raid and smuggle across, 35+ quest missions, PvP battles, tournaments, and countless different unit types.

Utrecht, the Netherlands – December 20, 2011 – Just before the holidays, game studio ISOTX announces new features in Iron Grip: Marauders. After launching a big expansion just a few weeks ago, ISOTX wants to spoil their players with even more new features such as… ALLIANCES and Factions!!  Alliance  A brand new feature, which is already embraced by the gamers, is the option to join friends in an Alliance. Players can make their own Alliance with a unique name and flag to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, the Alliance possesses a private chat board that can only be used by members. By donating gold, the number of Alliance members can be increased and extra radio tapes can be purchased to improve the private chat. The rank is based on the current standings on the leaderboard of all the members combined.  Factions  Before the latest expansion the only opponent you could fight was militia. The introduction of the Player vs. Player (PvP) mode added a whole new dimension to the game, allowing players to fight against each other. The current expansion features two additional opponent factions, which can be encountered during raids, smuggle missions and Boss attacks. For instance: you might accidentally stumble upon the Mortt Queen with her followers. She is tougher, slimier and more unpredictable than ever before. Another new faction to fight against is the Baron faction. You might have already met some of these units recently during the Trader quests. The entire faction will be expanded with multiple new Baron units such as the Baron Barrage Cannon, the Baron Artillery Walker, the Baron Rocket Tank and many others.  New Units  Besides the new units for the new opponent factions, there are also new units to use in your own army. The long-awaited and feared Ironclad Walker will make its debut. Next to the Ironclad Walker some existing units are available at higher levels, allowing for more researchable units and more strategic options to choose from during your battles.  PVP Medals  PvP medals have been introduced to reward gamers for their PvP victories. The ‘Serial Killer’ and ‘Psycho Killer’ medals can be earned by beating three other gamers and by winning ten or more PvP battles.   Friend invite  The friend invite feature is a subtle addition to the game, whereby you can easily invite your friends to play. Just send an email from your profile page to your friends to play Iron Grip: Marauders. As a reward, the player who sends the invitation gains extra resources.  Establish an Alliance together, team up against Bosses and defeat all the different factions together!