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Castlot is a revolutionary strategy game with originality added to all classic features: city buildingswith
 more freedom of customization and decorations, resource collecting with goblins and cases to steal and 
protect, hero skills that can be activated with different combinations, etc. 

As we know, resource is the basic and important thing for players build and develop themselves, strength the troops and conquer the world in game. On YooGames Castlot, there are different and interesting ways to obtain more resources for your development.

1, Resource Mine

On YooGames Castlot, there are four kinds of resources of timber, stone, iron, crops. Players can get these resources by building Sawmill, Quarry, Mine and Grainfiled. In the early time of your development, players will need more timbers and stones, so you’d better create two Sawmills and Quarries in order to ensure your smooth and quick development.
Also please remember upgrade these mines to increase the output of these resources and create Warehouse to increase the maximum store limit of these resources.

2, Unique Goblin System

There are another cool and awesome ways for players to obtain these resources on YooGames Castlot. It is Goblin System. Goblin System allows players to not only place a Goblin in an enemy player’s Annexed Land to steal their resources, but to also capture the Goblin by placing a Goblin Case. It is an efficient approach to stockpile the supply of resources for your city upgrade. 
Goblin includes Goblin and Sly Goblin. Goblin steals resources with a lower success rate than Sly Goblin. Sly Goblin can steal resources in Annexed Land with a 100% success rate.

3, Market

Player can get more resources in Market or Black Market. Players can use Gold on YooGames Castlot to purchase some items like resources for your development. Player can purchase some resources in the Market or Black Market. But please remember that it will take some time to transfer the resources to your castle.

Obtain and store more resources then you can develop your castle more smooth and quick than others so as to become more powerful than them then conquer the new world.

Right on the heels of Blizzard’s celebrating of the 15th anniversary of the Diablo series , Blizzard‘s Jay Wilson said the dev has “almost done” with the eagerly-anticipated Diablo 3. According to Best Buy, America’s big box electronics retailer, the “almost done” means Diablo 3 will hit shelves on February 1st.

Diablo 3

According to the in-store ad display that popped up at a Best Buy in Rochester, Minnesota, Diablo 3 will launch at midnight on February 1st along with a digital countdown timer. The tweet contained the image had been pulled but thanks to Joystiq who managed to snag the image before it went down. Joystiq also tracked down Best Buy and confirmed the display is real. More over, Best Buy web storealso lists the game as coming on February 1st.

Diablo 3

To make things even interesting, Gameplay, one of the UK-retailer, also shows a February 3rd release date, which would fall in line with standard UK operating procedure of Friday releases.

Is this legit? According to the latest update from Joystiq, Blizzard community manager Micah “Bashiok” Whipple responded on the Twitter, “We can’t really keep every individual retail shop from making up a date,” as well as “Retailers will not know a date until it’s officially announced through a press release.” The official word we last heard from Blizzard was “early 2012″, therefore, no solid date has been confirmed. Still waiting for the official announcement.