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Here is a fan-made trailer we got from YouTube, telling us a real story behind all of the announcements and poking fun at the new features.

I bet you won’t be disappointed if you’re a Mists of Pandaria fan, cause in this video, you’ll find out that there are a couple hilarious stuffs not only from the scenarios part and some graffiti drawings, but also the voice of the video maker. It seems that he is able to make fun of Blizzard, make fun of WoW, make fun of people who make fun of Blizzard and WoW, and make fun of himself at the same time. What do you think?

Besides, there are a few pieces of the video that I know for a fact will ring true, and I would love if Blizzard actually makes them into WoW.

Lineage® II: Goddess of Destruction™—truly free! Why play a free to play MMO with account or game limitations when you can play Goddess of Destruction truly free? We’ve added free booster packs to help you level faster, and a new in-game store loaded with useful items to enhance your play experience. The L2 Store™ will offer items to supplement your gameplay in the form of XP/SP boosts, potions, buffs, and other consumable supplies, as well as cosmetic items and hunting helpers. In addition, you can purchase premium packs that accelerate character leveling for a longer period and contain exclusive items not available for individual purchase. But you never have to purchase anything from the L2 Store in order to enjoy the game mechanics or story content of Lineage II. “Truly free” means exactly that: Buy only what you want, or play all the way to level 99 without purchasing anything. It’s your choice. Play your way!

My thoughts on this move:

I kinda feel as this is more of a plee from NCSoft if anything for a good marketing utility for Lineage III. I mean come on, what better way to promote your new game than to make your older one F2P so everyone can see what and how it was? I think this is a wise decision for NCSoft.

What do you think? Do you think its a good move for Lineage II to go F2P? And is this trailer promising for the move? Tell me down in the comment section below!

Also stay tuned for my Level Up Episode where I will hop into Lineage II later this year when it goes F2P to give my analysis of this move and the contents of the game!

Quillas, Father of Heaven, awoke from chaos to find that the universe was quite vast and tedious. He then created thousands of unique worlds and separated them with boundaries. He plucked hair from his body and enchanted them with part of his power to make them gods with different capabilities. These gods were then sent to the different worlds as guardians and builders in his stead. None of these worlds was ever close to perfect and stable. The rise and fall of good and evil forces was breeding conflicts and crises. But Father of Heaven decided this should be the way, and after the order was initially established, he fell into long sleep again.

Our story unfolds in one of these worlds, StilLand, a magic world accommodating various creatures, including humans, elves, dwarves, giants, orcs, dragons, animals and evil forces with tremendous power.

Now, chance has come to you, a young adventurer growing up in Willshire situated in the countryside of Glance, who dreams of becoming a hero every day and night.

you may find the youtube link for this trailer here -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAGHaI2u_qE

To present players more first-hand game info and make them take the lead to experience the western fantasy charm of Dragon’s Call, the Dragon’s Call official released a 90-second full game trailer for the first time. In the trailer, Glancer, the birthplace of heroes, is peaceful and harmonious, and assassin, mage and warrior, the leading characters of our story, look bright and brave. The gorgeous game graphics, the fantasy world, the multi-race town system, the flash battle scene and fierce combat with monsters showcased in the trailer will give you a glimpse of the strong visual impact the game will bring you. Four factions, three classes, equipment refining and combining, PVP and challenge with strong bosses in heroic instances…all these diversified gameplay content will surely trigger your passion and interest to try it out.

EverDream Studio has put a great deal of effort into developing more attractive gameplay, in addition, we always put the game’s stability in an important position and devote ourselves to creating a more stable gaming environment and offering more fun for players.