Wonderland Make Yellow Mantel/Golden Hatchet

a yellow mantel, or Golden Hatchet here is a mini guide hope it helps

It may cost a bit, so I recommend you do it slowly and also use Vip Cards from time to time
if you can purchase IM or buy from someone
Waste Money at ur own risk!

Yellow Mantel +20mdef +12def
Golden Hatchet +62 Attack -10speed
Rank 28Gold+Rank28Steel+book 1 Or 2

Rank 28Gold=Gold Iron Boots

Steps on making rank 28gold:

We are going to need a few 8-12 items

(junior or superior alchemy for best)
Refined gold+ iron net shoes (from egypt)+Fine Crystal will give you gold
helmet(rank 20gold).  Its not 100% success to get it, you can also get common stones (we all hate those),
but prepare yourself with atleast a few sets to try ^^.

So we are going to need Rank 20Grass, which is a Red Gown. There’s 2 ways to make it:
Either: (with junor or superior alch)Fine Grass+fine golden Flower (8-12 store)
Or other color/Grass

Which will most likely fail and give tons of other grass materials which you dont
need at all.  
(IMPORTANT to do this step on primary alchemy)Or Fine Grass+Black jade
Or other color

This will most likely give you a gown, either red, black or wooden.  If you get any other color
recompound with a black jade until you get yourself the red gown.

Now we got a Gold Helmet & a Red gown which will make rank 23gold
Sky Crown

(junior or superior alch)I highly recommend the book 1 on this recipe, because it will not fail at all.  With no book
it probably fail.

Now, a goblin halbred its needed.
Yes it can fail up a bit
The way to do it would be. Skeleton Iron sword+vertical wing(primary alchemy)

skeleton iron sword: iron shoes+wolf tooth+iron shoes (from egypt)

If you fail alot on this part >_<, might as well find yourself one on A1 for 15k
or such :/ because goblin can fail a bit much.
Also, incase you get from this a footsman helm recompound it with a vertical wing
on junior or superior alch.

So finally, we are at the last step on making Rank 28 gold. I really recommend
junor or superior alchemy, not primary
That would be:
SkyCrown+Goblin Halbred+book3=Golden iron Boots

Rank 28Steel=Steel Armor

Theres a few threads on how to make this armor I believe, but the one I use mostly
its: thorn pestle(rank24steel)+emerald necklace(rank 24 jade)+book1 (junior or superior)

Pestle is sold on A1 for like 15k, or you can make your own with a skeleton
steel sword+vertical wing.(junior or superior)  It can give you tons of other steel items though, but
that can actually sell for good cash or help to make other items ^^.

So finally this is the very last step.
You will put, Gold Iron boots+steel armor+book 1 OR 2(Junior Or Superior)
Book 1 works and book 2any will do. You can get either or items so goodluck.

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