World of Warcraft Argument Leads to Violent Dispute

Some people tend to get very obsessive, World of Warcraft clearly among this group of games that players cannot put down. However, at times this line of obsession can boldly be crossed as a form of addiction. James Swan proved this point just a few days ago, when he was playing World of Warcraft and doing some heavy drinking.

Just a note, I believe you can pin most of this on the alcohol.

The dispute took place at about 10 p.m., a reasonable time for younger children to be in bed. James Swan is not a young child, he is 27-years-old, but he does live with his mother and younger siblings. While the five children were trying to sleep, James was getting a little too loud in his WoW session. Reasonably, this led to the mother asking him to quiet down so others could sleep.

When Swan refused to be quiet, his mother asked him once more, leading to the beginning of the dispute.

James Swan grabbed his mother by the hair and threw her on the bed, doing the same to his younger brother when he attempted to see what was amiss. After the mother had regained her form, she quickly ran to call the police. James did not accept this course of action and decided to rip the phone from the wall, proceeding to smash his head into the area the phone formerly rested.

The dispute escalated to the point where Swan began choking his mother, threatening to kill her. When Grandfather checked in to see what was going on, the mother was already losing consciousness. The grandfather then attempted to intervene, at which point Swan threatened his life as well.

Swan’s grandfather was not going to take death threats sitting down, so he went into his room and picked up a gun. When Swan saw this, the two wrestled over the weapon, ultimately leading to the bullet bouncing off Swan’s head, and going through a nearby window.

Swan was only wounded by the bullet, and was taken to the hospital where he refused treatment and was arrested.

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